Adri was born on the 13 of June1948, Buenos Aires, Argentina One releases trajectory marks its formation like sculpter. Beginning in the Tehura factory and soon was followed with professor Enrique Kurten, between years 1964 and 1966. With Ingeborg study 3 years.

Mireya Baglieto, gave to the first tools in sculpture and enamels, during the period from the 70 to the 72. At the beginning of 1975,she opened his own atelier, in Olivos town, and continuous its creative development until the day of today.

In 1991 participates in the first international congress of Ceramics, in the city of Obera, Misiones, Argentina. There she perfect herself in nonconventional techniques, under the supervision of Prof. Gordon of the United States.

During 1993 course the seminary dictated by Prof. Yoshitaka Yoshino, from Japan, guest to Argentina, on enamels and winch. She attended The Vilma Villaverde atelier, that gaves a very important push for its sculpture. With Alejandrina Cappadoro,(sculpture ) she learned engobes techniques and colores clay, which uses like raw material for the accomplishment of sculptures and murals. She deepens her knowledge of glass smelting, that soon used it, in to its sculptures, and olso attends experiences of "Raku."

During year 1994, attends the courses dictated by the Catalan ceramist, Neus Segria, using a technique, very little spread, which this leaving an important track in its present work, is the "fotomecanica "technique by which it received different recognitions, and prizes.

During year 1997, she went to visit Carlos Gersberg atellier and learned the vitreaux technique. Approach the factory of Carlota Petrolini, and learned the human figure. At the moment she dedicated to fused glasses doing in most of her work utilitarian pieces.

Buenos Aires, Argentina